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Few Elementary rules on CW communication

* Before calling on a frequency, at first,
listen to make sure that this frequency is free,
* although the frequency seems to be free, always ask if the frequency is occupied or not by
"QRL?" .
"DX" stations or "DXpeditions" work in "Split" or "Duplex" mode, in order to facilitate the radio exchange and make listenning comfortable in both sides, why it is necessary to comply with the instructions given by the operator. For exemple: "CQ de FK8KA up3 or Lsn 3up K", translation: "This is FK8KA calling and listenning 3 khz up"
* to facilitate report exchange,
transmitting frequency of DX station should, as far as possible remained free of any interferences.
* report exchange must be
short, in order to satisfy a wider range of operators
* and then
confirm again your Callsign at the end of QSO.

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