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The quarterly connection bulletin nr04-2011 is now online HERE.

Since june 1st, 2011,
FK8KA is the new callsign of ARANC radioclub. It's an updating required by ANFR (Agence Nationale des FRéquences). The ARANC radioclub will continue to ensure sending of FK8KAB QSL cards. The new FK8KA QSL cards are now quite ready to be used. Anyhow, the old contents with FK8KAB pages will not change.

Hello! You are on the Homepage of FK8KA official Website (ex FK8KAB)!
Webmastering by Sam TOROPE
Association des Radio Amateurs en Nouvelle-Calédonie
and its Radioclub FK8KA
(ex FK8KAB)

ARANC Présentation
This Society is under french law 1901 and its first and initial statutes had been declared on july 25th 1961.See or Download ARANC Statutes in french Pdf 93 ko or Zip 22 ko.
ARANC Location
"Elise NOELLAT" School, 123 rue A. Benebig, Vallee des Colons, 98800 New Caledonia.

The Association is reachable as follows:
P.O Box 3956, Noumea, 98846 NEW CALEDONIA
Fone: +687 28 77 43
Fax: +687 28 77 43 /+687 41 69 30

The ARANC is also the only NEW CALEDONIA QSL Bureau since 1961

For any Informations about VHF 2m Repeaters and 6m Beacon in New-Caledonia,
please contact Sam/FK8DD

FK8ZHA-R VHF / 2m FM Repeater
Located in Mont Do site at 120km fm Noumea city, altitude 1010m
TX: 146 200 Mhz
RX: 146 800 Mhz

Antenna is 2x2el beam vertically polarized, beamed north/south of New Caledonia, average output power 30 watts.

FK8ZHB-R VHF / 2m FM Repeater
Located on Semaphore Hights in Noumea downtown, at altitude 116m
TX: 145 100 Mhz
RX: 145 700 Mhz
Antenna is a vertical 5/8 wave length, with an average output power of 10 watts.

FK8SIX 6m VHF Beacon
Located on Semaphore Hights in Noumea downtown at altitude 116m
TX: 50 080 Mhz
Antenna is a vertical 1/2 wave length, with an average output power of 10 watts.

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ARANC and FK8KA Radioclub (ex FK8KAB)

The room is open each wednesday from 06:00 Pm to 07:00 Pm local time, and sometimes a little bit later. In the meantime, FK8KA radioclub is accessible to all operators without restriction, and only under responsibility of a Bureau member.

  • Equipment: HF/Yaesu FT-757GX, HF/Icom IC-751A - VHF/Yaesu 2m
  • Antennas: HF/Spiderbeam 5band 10-12-15-17-20m, HF/20m wire dipole - VHF/2m vertical 2x5/8.

ARANC Head Comity is composed as follows:

  • A President
  • A Vice President
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer
  • An Assistant Treasurer
  • Active members
  • Honorary members

ARANC Association Goals

  • To gather and unify all hamradio operators living in New Caledonia Territory
  • To organize the preparation and training of young and novice hamradios, with the various examinations
  • To implement the various means of communication, useful for hamradio community as VHF 2m repeaters, VHF 6m Beacon, data processing and by the way all Hamradio communications.
  • To take part in the various hamradio conferences, congresses and gathering during world wide meetings
  • To take part in various hamradio sport contests by using radioclub callsign FK8KA (ex: FK8KAB)
  • To place its members at the disposal of the Territory official authorities, when natural disasters and serious disasters appear.

ARANC Quarterly Bulletins

  • Quarterly connection bulletin (fr) n°04-2011 (december 2011)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°03-2011 (september 2011)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°02-2011 (june 2011)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°01-2011 (march 2011)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°04-2010 (december 2010 - Not available)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°03-2010 (september 2010 - Not available)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°02-2010 (july 2010)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°01-2010 (april 2010)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°04-2009 (january 2010)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°03-2009 (november 2009)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°02-2009 (june 2009)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°01-2009 (march 2009)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°04-2008 (december 2008)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°03-2008 (october 2008)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°02-2008 (june 2008)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°01-2008 (march 2008)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°04-2007 (december 2007)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°03-2007 (september 2007)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°02-2007 (may 2007)
  • Quarterly connection Bulletin (fr) n°01-2007 (march 2007)

2012-2013 ARANC Head Comity members
Following last General Meeting held in
january 25th, 2012, here is the new ARANC Bureau for 2012-2013 season.

  • Honorary Members: FK8AH, FK8BG, FK8DJ, FK8DK, FK8FL

President of A.R.A.N.C

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