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Testing my 5 band 10-12-15-17-20m Spiderbeam antenna

Testing version 5bands Spiderbeam antenna 10-12-15-17-20m
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Photo 501


Photos 501 and 502
Close-up view of the antenna handy rotating system. A threaded rod goes through the penultimate aluminium telescopic tube and the 2 copper rings, located on both sides of the threaded rod, are based on the top of the aluminum tube to reduce wearing surface during direction changes.

Photo 502


Photo 503


Photos 503 and 504
The 12mm diameter copper rod fits perfectly onto the threaded rod of the antenna rotating system. To rotate the antenna, simply loosen the large stainless clamp and operate the lever in one direction or to another one.

Photo 504


Photo 505


Photo 505
Pulley for hoisting the 2 dipoles for 40m and 30m bands. The electrician clamping rings have been tripled since early February 2009.

Photo 506
The screwdriver, above the guying aluminium plate, is temporarily used as an anti-slip system to avoid upper telescopic tubes to slide down, prior to insert the wingbolt 10cm lower and so to get unscrewing and screwing faster. This bolt is hand tightened to avoid the upper aluminium tubes turning in gale force winds.

Photo 506


Photo 507


Photos 507 and 508
All guying has been reviewed and corrected, white 6mm halyards now replacing old fishing nylon line (187kg) which was in 2007 the previous guying system. Stainless steel shackles are not superfluous at all, I am living at about 400 meters from the seafront and the spray comes up to my home.

Photo 508


Photo 509


Photos 509 and 510
On the left picture, guying nylon line (187kg) used in 2007 year, the right picture shows 2009 guying ropes made of 6mm halyard more resistant to traction and weather.

Photo 510


Photo 511


Photos 511 and 512
Same observation for these guying anchoring points, the 6mm halyard is really the most adequate material offering a best grip.

Photo 512


Photo 513


Photos 513 and 514
We can see, on Picture 14, galvanized chain lengths to adjust rope tension, in order to make settings easier by moving link after link.

Photo 514


Photo 515


10m driven element fixed on the boom

Photo 516


10m parallel feeding line

Photo 517


12m driven el. ahead of 10m driven el.

Photo 518


12m parallel feeding line

Photo 519


17m 20m and 15m connections

Photo 520


All band connections to Balun box

Photo 521


20m driven element on the boom

Photo 522


17m driven element fixation

1 year after its initial installation, here is my 5bands Spiderbeam

Monday, 08th of November 2008

1 year after its initial installation, here is the 5band version Spiderbeam. Measurement, on FK8DD Spiderbeam were performed with antenna at 15m above ground level by using MFJ-259B analyzer and MFJ-941E Watt/SWRmeter.

20m band
SWRmeter varies a little bit on phone band till 1.5 at about 14250Khz.
20m Bandwidth, without antenna coupler: 250 kHz
14000 khz => SWR: 1.1----------> 14100 khz => SWR: 1.2 ---------> kHz 14250 khz => SWR: 1.5

17m band
Adjustment of this band will be made during next maintenance.
18068 khz => SWR :1.5 ----------> 18120 khz SWR: 1.7 ----------> 18168 khz SWR: 1.5

15m band
15m Bandwidth, without antenna coupler: 300 khz
21000 khz => SWR: 1.2 ----------> 21200 khz => SWR: 1.3 ----------> 21300 khz => SWR: 1.5

12m band

12m Bandwidth: 100kHz
24890 khz => SWR: 1.1 ----------> 24990 KHZ => SWR: 1.2

10m band
SWRmeter does vary a very little bit when going up to Phone band.
10m Bandwidth, without antenna coupler: 700 kHz
28000 khz => SWR: 1.1 ----------> 28350 khz => SWR: 1.2 ----------> 28700 khz => SWR: 1.5

Below, SpiderBeam technical caracteristics according "Spiderbeam Team"

Photo 523


Spiderbeam at 1,50m on the roof

Photo 524


Another view of Balun box

Photo 525


17m, 20m and 15m feeding lines

Photo 526


10m and 12m feeding line

Photo 527


17m driven element fixation

Photo 528


17m parallel feeding line

Photo 529


17m and 20m connections

Photo 530


Balun box clamped to central post

Photo 531


Kevlar guying point to central post

Photo 532


1,50m High easy access to the Spiderbeam

Photo 533


Spiderbeam in the bush !!

Photo 534


Waoo, a big grasshoper !!

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