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The first stage for securing telescopic mast

Photo 31
A 1-1/4p galvanized tube of 1,10m length is largely sufficient to secure 3 guy lines set. The tube is welded downwards directly on the concrete reinforcement of my retaining wall. See
photo 33.

Photo 32
On the top of this pipe tube there is a galvanized metal angle welded, on which several holes had been drilled in order to attach 3 guy lines set by the mean of 4 stainless snap hooks.

Photo 33

The downwards pipe tube is welded directly on the concrete reinforcement which will be recover by CPJ-45 concrete later. The tube Flexibility will avoid nylon (Réf: 165kg) breakdown. The monofil PVDF could support hundred and hundred kg of lateral traction.

All galvanized tubes and metal angle are recovery materials.
This simple attachment systems makes the telescopic mast and by the way the spiderbeam, quickly securing and ready to use. Everyone can makes his own attachment systems regarding his environnement and his money. The goal is to get, at low cost, severe security on mast erection, for himself and also for neighbourhood. Of course, if you have a lot of money to spend, there many other way to get a nice and very strong attachment systems: "who can the more, can the less".





Second stage for securing telescopic mast, with the second guying line set

Photo 34
A piece of galvanized chain passed around a 1-1/2p galva tube will make a good deal. The snap hooks come and hang themselves above like grapes and allow to secure the 3 guy lines set.
As the galva tube is welded directly onto the concrete reinforcement it will easily able to support the work to which it will be subjected.

Photo 35
Another sight of this anchor system for securing the guyed telescopic mast. Easy to install and very resistant to wish, one of the snap hooks, as opposed to what one sees on the picture, is actually correctly aligned in the pulling direction and not cantilever as the picture lets it think. The day after i have inspected and realigned what was to be done, and retighten all guy lines to get the mast harmoniously right. .







Third and last attachment point

Photos 36 and 37
Onto a steel brace of my garage, i make a galva rectangular support welded.
Dimensions: 30x50mm and 40 cm length by 2,5mm of thickness.
As we can see on the pictures 36 and 37, on the same tubular support i have welded a short steel bracket, with a 10mm hole, in which 3 snap hooks are hanged in.

The telescopic mast is itself emboity inside a standard triangular Balmet tower section by about 1,60m from the top and rests on a galva plate of 5mm thickness. This same Balmet tower section is fixed by means of 2 T-pieces in galvanized section firmly right welded on the steel reinforcement of my carport
The whole telescopic mast remains right in spite of the wind gusting to 20/25 knots, anyway due to safety preoccupation the 3 guy lines will stay permanently in place.



Spiderbeam antenna assembly support item

Spiderbeam antenna assembly support item

















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