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Photo21 - Pluging all fiberglass tube segments together


Spiderbeam Assembly Page 2/5

Photo 21

First plug together 3 of the fiberglass tube segments. Slide a rubber O-ring over the end of the third segment. Then, each time for any guy lines, make a loop through insulators for attaching the 4 horizontal guy lines (PVDF Monofil) and by the way for the upper kevlar vertical guy lines too.

Complete all fiberglass tube segments in order to attach the 4 main upper kevlar guy lines and adjust the guy lines tensioners approx 3cm shorter, so the spreaders are bent upwards slightly.

Photo 22
Don't forget to put the lower kevlar guy lines before beginning antenna assembly. In this picture, the spiderbeam is temporary assembled on the ground and when all wires are marked i remove all that to wind on the roller.

So i could prepare the antenna assembly later on my roof where the place is more confortable and so easy to put the Spiderbeam on the telescopic mast.

Photo22 - Attaching all kevlar guy lines


Photo23 - Mounting all wire elements


Photo 23
Remember all vertical and horizontal guy lines must be tensioned before installing wire elements.

Install all wire elements as describe in
Photo 26 to 28, they should be stretched in the form of a V or triangle. Adjust the lines as symmetry should be maintained by ensuring the line lengths are kept equal on both sides.

Photo 24 et 25
Here are all wire radiators elements connected and what they should be ressemble to

* At first attach the 10m driven feed line (2 x 297 cm). Once weldings of cable lugs are done, they should be connected to the bolts, on the top of balun box, Let the feedline (57 cm length) slope downwards to the boom and attach the center of the driven element at 50cm distance to the vertical mast.

* Follow the same procedure to mount the 20m driven element (2 x 547 cm). Connect its feedline (57 cm length) to the screws extending from the sides of the balun box. Mount the center of the driven element to the boom in a distance of 40cm.

* As a last step connect the 15m dipole (2 x 337 cm) to the screws protruding from the sides of the balun box as well. String the dipole above the spreaders and attach the guy line to their ends.

Photo24 - View on feeding lines connection


Photo25 - Back view on enclosure and wire connections


Photo26 - Stainless collar with rubber strip to maintain wire element


Photo27 - Create a loop through the guy line insulator


Photo28 - Guy lines at the end of a spreader pole


Photo29 - All kevlar guy lines on the vertical mast


Photo 26
1- Fix the center of the element to the boom with stainless collars or by electrician plastic fasteners.

Photo 27
2- Create a loop through the guy line tensioner (insulator) at the end of each guy line.

3- Put this loop over the end of one spreader until it rests against the rubber O-ring and pull it tight there.

Photo 28
A view of all wire guy lines at each end of the spreaders.

Photo 29
All kevlar vertical guy lines on the top of the vertical mast

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